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Policy Note:

Our club awards Plaques to members who earn AKC titles on their dogs, such as Champion, Grand Champion, High in Trial, etc. The club awards one plaque and then there will be name plates added for titles won. Each nameplate represents a title or award for an individual Papillon.

To the right is an example of a plaque with several years of wins.

The club has a policy (below) on what titles may apply toward receiving a plaque and name plates.


The Papillon Club of Tulsa awards a single plaque to any current member of the club who receives a title (listed below) from AKC, on their Papillon. In addition to the plaque, members will receive a hanging nameplate to attach to the plaque for each title or achievement won.

Members are entitled to a nameplate for the·following titles or achievements: Any title listed as a prefix title by AKC as confirmed by the AKC website: In addition, the following AKC achievements also qualify for a plaque/nameplate: Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, High In Trial, PCA Top 25, AKC Owner Handler Top 10, and PCA National Specialty show Best Of Breed.

Such title(s) must have been won while the person was a member of the club. However, titles won at other times may qualify for a nameplate that the member may purchase.

The plaque and/or award plate goes to the primary owner according to AKC records. In the case of multiple owners, the PRIMARY OWNER receives the plate at club’s expense. Additional owners of the same Papillon may purchase a plate for the title won.

Requests from members who won titles must be submitted to the person designated responsible for ordering award plates as soon as possible after December 31 each year. The awards apply to a calendar year and the award plaques/nameplates will be presented to members at the Club’s first Specialty Show the following year.

These awards for plaques and nameplates became effective in the year of 2011. A member who earned these awards before 2011 may purchase award plates for the earlier years.


The Tulsa Papillon club has also established a special recognition award that the board may present from time to time.

Below is the policy on that recognition.


The Papillon Club of Tulsa may, from time to time, award members special recognition in the form of a framed certificate for high achievements in performance competitions or other activities. The Board of Directors may initiate these awards and suggestions may come from the membership to be approved by the Board.

Outstanding achievements will be for the same calendar year in which the plaque/nameplate awards are applied. In line with that policy, achievement certificates from previous years may be had by members for a nominal cost.


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